Negative ions

Atmospheric Electricity: The Invisible Power of Nature

Atmospheric Electricity: The Invisible Power of Nature
Atmospheric electricity, though less perceptible, is a natural phenomenon that is constantly occurring around us. Its carriers are the regular constituents of the atmosphere whose molecules bear charges. This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of this fascinating topic.


The Natural Manifestation of Ionization

Ionization is the process of gaining or losing electrons to form ions. These ions are classified into two types based on their charge: positive ions and negative ions. They coalesce by adsorption on suspended particles to form giant ions visible as fog or smoke.

Examples of Ions

Negative ions include O- and OH-, while positive ions include N+, CO2+, H+, H3O+, among others. The list is extensive and only partially known as new elements continue to be identified.

Understanding the Two Types of Natural Ions

Negative ions are mobile and smaller, with a shorter lifespan compared to positive ions. However, they're often outnumbered by positive ions.

The Influence of Weather Phenomena on Ion Presence

Natural weather phenomena such as sunlight, humidity, rain, atmospheric pressure, and thunderstorms constantly cause fluctuations in the presence of ions.

Man-Made Environments and Air Ionization

Human-created environments alter the natural ionization of the air. Activities like smoking, electric heating, and air conditioning are not only destructive to negative ions but also generate harmful ions.

Industrial Waste: A Major Source of Positive Ions

Industrial waste, a major source of positive ions, justifies the rediscovery of natural sources of negative ions.

Behavioral Effects of Negative Ions

Scientific observations have highlighted the energizing action of negative ions. They tend to increase activity, while positive ions decrease it.

Negative Ions and Stress Reactions

Negative ions enhance psychomotor reactions in stressful situations. Their anxiety-reducing effect can facilitate decision-making, leading to future benefits despite temporary discomfort.

The Influence of Negative Air Ionization

The impact of negative air ionization depends on an individual's emotional state. Anxious personalities benefit more from the intake of negative ions, due to their favorable behavioral effects.

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How Does an Air Ionizer Work?

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Understanding the nature of ions and their impact on our daily lives is crucial in this era of escalating environmental concerns. With companies like TEQOYA, we can arm ourselves with accurate information and effective solutions to ensure cleaner and healthier air for ourselves and future generations.