Asthma treatment: what are the home remedies?

Asthma treatment: what are the home remedies?

In France, asthma affects around 4 million people and is responsible for many hospitalisations each year (nearly 60,000).. Asthma can be hereditary or environmentally related due to allergens. present indoors (dust mites, moulds), outdoor allergens (pollens and moulds), cigarette smoke, chemicals, air pollution, especially fine particles.

Learning how to manage stress

Good stress management can act as a natural treatment for asthma. In fact, stress is a common trigger for asthma. In addition to talking therapies, there are several different treatments to help you manage stress and anxiety.

Breathing techniques

Yoga and breathing exercises effectively help patients to relieve stress, control their breathing and strengthen their lungs, airways and diaphragm. There is also the breathing technique Buteyko, which consists of shallow breathing exercises designed to help people with asthma to breathe better.

home remedies for asthma

Therapeutic massage

Not only do many people use and enjoy massage therapy, but studies indicate that it is an excellent method for reducing stress. There are many different types of massage therapy, but no matter what type you choose, keep in mind that not to let the practitioner know that you have asthma. This is important because practitioners may use a massage oil containing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can trigger asthma symptoms.


Hypnotherapy can be an effective relaxation treatment for anxiety and panic disorder, which are triggers for asthma. It is also a treatment that some people choose to help them quit smoking. This method is the use of hypnosis for therapy, i.e. the introduction of lasting changes in the patient's mind. Hypnosis has met with growing success among doctors since the 1950s, including in France.

With the tip9, the old version of the Teqoya DESK, find the testimony of Alexandra, suffering from asthma.

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