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Teqoya HEALTH ALANA™ - The Most Efficient and Eco-Friendly Air Purifier for Professional Use

Teqoya HEALTH ALANA™ is a new air purifier specially designed to public places concerned about the air quality offered to their customers; such as medical doctors, offices, stores, spas, hotels, restaurants, schools, nursery homes, day-care and assisted living facility for elderly people 

Teqoya HEALTH ALANA™ is the first application of TEQOYA’s patented LEAF - Low Energy Active Filter - technology.

Highly-efficient Its effectiveness has been tested and proven by international laboratories. Teqoya HEALTH ALANA™ air purifier eliminates up to 99.9%* of particles: urban pollution, viruses, bacteria, allergens, molds, and even ultrafine particles. 

Energy-efficient Teqoya HEALTH ALANA™ offers a unique technology capable of guaranteeing both an energy-efficient consumption (6.4 W at maximum flow, that is ± 15 CHF for a 24/7 operation) and the absence of consumables (its filter is easily washable and reusable). These characteristics make it the device with the lowest cost of use in the market of air purifiers for professional use.

Robust and reliable Made-to-Last (no programmed obsolescence) even when used 24/7, Teqoya HEALTH ALANA™ is guaranteed for 5 years in comparison to other air purifiers in the market guaranteed for 2 years maximum. Moreover, it doesn’t produce toxic gases such as ozone or nitrogen oxides. Its unique technology makes it a reliable tool adapted to the hygiene standards of ERP.

Eco-friendly Designed and manufactured in Western Europe, Teqoya HEALTH ALANA™ is made of assembled elements and raw materials mostly local to limit the carbon impact of transportation. With reusable filters and energy efficiency, this ensures Teqoya HEALTH ALANA™ as the most eco-friendly air purifier for professional use.

Designed for Sain Public Spaces

Nursery & Schools

Elderly Residences

Hospital & Medical Doctors

Sports Facilities

Hotels & Restaurants

Teqoya HEALT ALANA™ is the first air purifier to combine negative ion technology to capture polluting particles and electrofiltration, which attracts them to polarized plates and thus traps them inside the device.

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Our Technology

Certified by independent laboratories, TEQOYA air purifiers are safe and effective against 99.9% of polluting particles.