The Power of a Car Air Purifier: A Comprehensive Guide

The Power of a Car Air Purifier: A Comprehensive Guide


In our fast-paced lives, we often find ourselves stuck in traffic, getting increasingly frustrated, and unknowingly breathing in harmful pollutants. This raises a critical question: How to fight against vehicular air pollution both on the road and inside our cars? The answer lies in the groundbreaking innovation of car air purifiers, like those offered by TEQOYA.

Impact of Traffic-Related Pollution

Traffic Stress and Pollution

Often, we find ourselves feeling irritable during a traffic jam. To keep our composure, we might wind down the car windows and attempt some deep breathing exercises, only to realize that the air outside is far from fresh. In fact, it's filled with exhaust fumes, which cause severe irritation in our nose, throat, and eyes. This not only fails to soothe us but also heightens our anxiety levels.

Correlation between Air Quality and Mental Health

The connection between an individual and their environment is not a new concept. It includes not just the physical surroundings but also elements like the air we breathe. Atmospheric pollution doesn't just harm our physical health—it also takes a toll on our mental well-being.

There are studies showing a positive correlation between pollutants and psychological disorders. Further research has found that in large Chinese cities, the mood of the residents fluctuates based on fine particle pollution peaks. This suggests that pollution negatively impacts our mental equilibrium.

Effect of Pollution on Cognitive Abilities

Exposure to high concentrations of exhaust gases results in signs of eye and respiratory tract irritation. At the same time, when these fine particles enter our bodies, they tend to generate or intensify oxidative stress, which can reduce cognitive abilities and impair memory and concentration. Ultimately, these undesirable physiological effects caused by inhaling polluted air are transmitted to our brains via neuronal signals, triggering undesirable emotional reactions.

Indoor Vehicle Pollution

Traffic Jams: A Threat to Motorists

Traffic jams mean spending more time in the car than anticipated, which translates to longer exposure to polluted air. During traffic jams, motorists are surrounded by vehicles continuously releasing exhaust gases. These gases are a dangerous cocktail of harmful pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3).

Long-term exposure to high concentrations of exhaust gases can cause asthma and inflict serious, permanent damage to the lungs. A study published in Environmental Science Processes & Impacts revealed that the pollution level inside a traffic-jammed car with windows open is seven times higher than that of pedestrians standing at an intersection.

Overexposure to Pollutants Inside the Vehicle

Contrary to popular belief, a car—even with its windows closed—accumulates pollution. Research suggests that the air inside a car can be up to four times more polluted than the outside air. This is because it absorbs the emissions from surrounding vehicles and recirculates them.

Research by the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) showed that almost half of the pollutants inside cars come from the vehicles ahead, especially heavily polluting ones, like diesel trucks. Therefore, a car, instead of protecting its passengers from pollution, traps the pollutants inside: pollution tends to accumulate in vehicles.

Indoor Vehicle Pollutants

Inside a car, the primary pollutants are nitrogen dioxide (NO2), fine particles, and benzene.

  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2): This highly irritating gas can lead to the development of respiratory issues and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Fine Particles: These can irritate the respiratory tract and impair cardio-respiratory functions. Some are even carcinogenic.
  • Benzene: This can trigger the growth of leukemias.

TEQOYA's Car Air Purifier Solution

TEQOYA Nomad: Breath Fresh Air on Your Journey

So, how can we tackle this problem and reclaim clean, healthy air to safeguard our health and that of our passengers? TEQOYA, with its interest in the respiratory health of drivers, has been continually enhancing its purification technology to deliver clean air in your vehicle. Their car air purifiers are tested and approved by the Carcept Prev foundation (Klesia Group), a mutual insurance company for road transporters.

They proudly present their latest generation of car air ionizer, the TEQOYA Nomad. This car air purifier accompanies you on your travels and creates a bubble of clean air around you.

Features of the New TEQOYA Nomad

The new TEQOYA Nomad stands out from their previous model, Tip4. Here's how:

  • It's not just for cars but also suitable for offices and travel.
  • It is more efficient and powerful, producing 50% more negative ions.
  • The device easily attaches to the ventilation grid using a provided holder and plugs into your vehicle's USB port.
  • The Nomad weighs only a quarter as much as the Tip4, making it easily portable and usable wherever you are.

For this third installment in the TEQOYA collection, they have adapted the identity of their home products to the car interior. They have prioritized discretion to avoid cluttering the driving space. They have achieved this by opting for a small, black, suspended product. Despite significant miniaturization of the electronics, it still maintains the efficiency gap of TEQOYA ionizers compared to competitors' products.

Its positioning close to the car's air inlets ensures the best possible effectiveness. They wanted a portable product that could also be used at a work desk, so they created a small wooden stand in the spirit of the feet that characterize TEQOYA's home models. A magnetization system allows for easy switching between uses, with a simple, high-quality product.


Installing a car air purifier is no longer a luxury but a necessity to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of vehicular pollution. As we spend more time in our cars due to traffic congestion or long drives, having an efficient car air purifier like TEQOYA Nomad can help ensure we breathe clean, fresh air, promoting our overall well-being. Let's not underestimate the dangers of air pollution inside the car that threaten our health, especially for children and sensitive individuals.