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«Efficient solution by Solar Impulse», the label we are proud of

«Efficient solution by Solar Impulse», the label we are proud of

Sustainable economic growth is possible

The challenge was launched at the end of 2016: identify 1,000 solutions around the world to prove to economic and political decision-makers that renewable energy and sustainable development technologies can also rhyme with economic efficiency. The Solar Impulse Foundation then created the Efficient Solution label, a certification awarded after an evaluation process by independent experts, recognizing the efficiency and environmental impact of a product, process, or service. This objective was achieved by April 2021 [1].

The Solar Impulse Foundation has recently launched a collaboration with the European Commission (EC) to create an equivalence between the EC selection process and the criteria evaluated for the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label. The goal is to give more visibility and credibility to sustainable solutions, and to help innovators connect with potential stakeholders such as investors, customers, companies and cities.

The many challenges TEQOYA faces

TEQOYA submitted our application in December 2021 by submitting its air purifiers to the experts of the Efficient solution label. In collaboration with renowned institutions, each solution is screened using a rigorous, certified and neutral methodology based on five criteria:

  • credibility
  • scalability
  • environmental benefits
  • economic incentive for the customer
  • and vendor profitability.

We received the answer from the experts in June 2022: TEQOYA is now part of Solar Impulse's effective solutions. Much more than a certification, we see it as being part of something bigger and integrating a group of companies for whom the issue of environmental protection is at the heart of the social and economic challenge. Today, the entire Teqoya team wishes to share this pride and enthusiasm with you.

For more information, please check our page on Solutions Explorer.

[1] To date, the foundation has found more than 1400 solutions worldwide, including HOME French initiatives.

*Solar Impulse's effective solution