Teqoya Air Purifiers Tested and Validated by Galaxus ⭐️

Teqoya Air Purifiers Tested and Validated by Galaxus ⭐️

Recently, the famous marketplace Digitec-Galaxus conducted an independent test on Teqoya Air Purifiers, and the results are in! With a scientific approach and a complete test with measurement, Lorenz Keller validates our promise of providing clean air.

Read the complete test on Galaxus' website:

English: https://www.galaxus.ch/en/page/no-noise-about-nothing-this-air-purifier-is-totally-silent-28744

German: https://www.galaxus.ch/de/page/kein-laerm-um-nichts-dieser-luftreiniger-ist-total-lautlos-28744

French: https://www.galaxus.ch/fr/page/pas-de-bruit-pour-rien-ce-purificateur-dair-est-totalement-silencieux-28744

and Italian: https://www.galaxus.ch/it/page/non-fa-rumore-per-nulla-questo-purificatore-daria-e-totalmente-silenzioso-28744

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